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Blue Collar Fasteners, est. 2012, is a construction fastener wholesaler focused on getting you the products you need, when you need them.  We offer a full line of premium fasteners, both packaged and bulk, in many finishes and grades.  Along with threaded rod, chemical adhesives, and drill bits, we can meet the needs of many fastening requirements in the construction industry.  Our goal is to provide the most efficient service at the best price.

Featured Product                                                                                                                                         02/19/2013

New Product Line - Blind (Pop) Rivets
We hope that everyone had a good Valentine's Day.  We have acquired a new product line of blind rivets in a wide variety of materials for use as mechanical anchors in various applications.

Call (301)773-2658 to inquire about specific materials or sizes.
Featured Product                                                                                                                                               01/10/2013
New Product Line - Reciprocating Saw Blades
As we cross into the new year, Blue Collar Fasteners is expanding their product lines to include reciprocating saw blades, useful for various cutting applications.  We now carry 2 styles of blades:

All-Purpose Reciprocating Blades- Bi-Metal
Designed for:                               Available Lengths:
        Wood & Nail Cutting                     6"         9"
        HD Metal Cutting                          8"        10"

Demolition Reciprocating Blades - Bi-Metal

Call us to inquire about specific lengths or blade styles which may be available - (301)773-BOLT
Featured Service                                                                                                                                               01/08/2013
Custom-Length Cut Threaded Rod

All jobs have their nuances and sometimes require parts that may not be readily available.  Specific-length cut threaded rod for anchoring purposes is one of these items.  We here at Blue Collar Fasteners are proud to offer the service of in-house custom-length cut rod, cut and cleaned to order.

We offer rod in diameters:                We offer rod in finishes:
       1/4"            3/4"                                        Zinc
       5/16"          7/8"                                    Hot-Dipped Galvanized
       3/8"            1"                                       Stainless

All chopped ends of the cut rod are ground and cleaned for easy application of nuts & washers.  This will mercifully avoid unnecessary difficulty in use for the final consumer.

Call (301)773-BOLT for your quote today!
In-Stock Now- Acrylic and Epoxy Adhesives!  

In a continuing effort to expand our product lines, Blue Collar Fasteners has acquired a premium line of chemical adhesives for the anchoring of threaded rod, rebar, and dowels into concrete, with other applications including grout-filled/hollow blocks and unreinforced masonry.  We will have 2-component mixes available which will be usable in both warm and cold temperatures.

General Uses

  • Seismic anchoring and bracing
  • Grouting dowel bars and tie bars for full-depth concrete pavement repairs
  • Anchoring/Fastening into solid-base materials: Stadium seating, Pallet racking & Airport runway/taxi-way expansion
  • Anchoring/Fastening into hollow-base materials (with screen)

Advantages and Features

  • Moisture insensitive
  • Non-sag adhesive
  • Exceptional strength
  • Extended temperature range allows for setting of anchors in extreme environments for both elevated and low temperature applications

Our warm-temperature formula will also have the advantage of nearly 20-minutes working time as well as the ability to re-seal the product for use at a later time.

We look forward to providing top-quality products for your business' fastening needs.  Check back for updates on our ever-expanding product lines.