Blue Collar Fasteners Products
Flexibility in our product line is important to us.  Depending on the needs of your projects and customers, we offer both fully code-compliant fasteners as well as more affordable generic versions of the same products.  Our packaging is available in premium-quality E-flute boxes or our more economical chipboard boxes.  Stainless products are also available upon request.

Note:  As a wholesaler, we sell exclusively to distributors.  To open an account with us, please call (301)773-BOLT during regular business hours.
Domestically Manufactured Products
    Along with our standard line of imported fasteners, Blue Collar Fasteners carries a supply of Made-In-America products. 

    We carry:
            -Flat Washers                         -Grade 5 Cap Screws                
            -Lock Washers                       -Grade 5 Hex Nuts
            -Fender Washers                   -Reciprocating Saw Blades
USS Flat Washers
Fender Washers
SAE Washers
Finishing - Nickel
Split-Lock Washers
-Hot Dip Galvanized
Hex Nuts
-Grades 2 and 5 Zinc
-Hot Dip Galvanized
Nylon-Insert Nuts
Machine Screw Nuts
Serrated Flange Nuts
Cold-Forged Wing Nuts
Rod Couplers
Rod Couplers

Tap Bolts
            A307 Tap Bolts
            Grade 5 Tap Bolt
Carriage Bolts
Hot Dip Galvanized

Available with and without nuts

Lag Screws
Hot-Dip Galvanized
Machine Screws
Flat Phillips
Round Combo
Tapping Screws
Pan Head
Flat Head

Tapping Hex Washer Slotted
Self-Drilling Screws
Pan Head
Hex Head
Threaded Rod
Low Carbon
Hot Dip Galvanized

Available in 6' and 10' lengths

Special-order stud lengths available
Acrylic & Epoxy Adhesives
2-component, structural epoxy gels
-High Modulus
-Moisture insensitive
-No odor
-Solvent free

Year-round application formula available
Drill Bits
High Speed
Blind Rivets
Available in Materials: